Guest Artist for September: Elizabeth Eastland

Liz is a multi media artist. Liz talked about her sailing adventure to New Caledonia and Fiji travelling over a thousand nautical miles with her husband. Her artwork was inspired by her interactions with the sea, land and people of this region. Art was the key to enriching her interaction with the local village people.

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Guest artists for June – Linda Gleeson and Annie Pavlovic

As artists how our art is presented is important. The June general meeting of the Lane Cove Art Society centred on how best to photograph an artwork. Linda Gleeson, one of our very hard working members demonstrated how to use an iphone to photograph an artwork. In the latter part of the presentation, Annie Pavlovic our energetic President complemented Linda’s talk by discussing the importance of varnishing and glazing an artwork to produce a professional result before the artwork is photographed.

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