The Lloyd Rees & Guy Warren Prize Winner – ‘Midnight Sun, Lofoten’ by Ania Zmijewska, oils.

The Lloyd Rees & Guy Warren Prize Prize: $ 3,000  Sponsored by Standen Real Estate and Lane Cove Art Society. This prize is awarded to the most outstanding artwork in the Exhibition.

The winning artist is Ania Zmijewska for her work, Midnight Sun, Lofoten 

Christine Webb, the judge for this exhibition, said of this painting,

“This small work is a beautifully crafted landscape of textures and delicacy. It works both as a figurative work and also an abstract with the soft fusion of colours, mark making and scumbling offset with an astonishing counterpoint of the red line in the foreground”.

Prize for Oils or Acrylics Prize: $1,000 Sponsored by Lane Cove Art Society and Lane Cove Council

The winning artist is Megan Cribb for her work, Adam Contemplated his Future

Christine Webb said, “This lovely portrait is of someone possibly known to the artist. It is painted with sensitivity and strength, combining realism and abstraction in a complimentary way. The intense blue background, contrasts with the skin tones while the definitive and vigorous brush marks read well from close and from clear across the gallery. This portrait sums up the complexities of the future for Adam and his generation”. 

Highly Commended Prize Oils or Acrylics: sponsored by Lane Cove Art Society (Eckersleys) $200 voucher 

The winning artist is Maria Guthrie for her work, Whispering to the Bay 

Christine Webb said, “This work celebrates the captivating view of water silhouetted through trees. A balance of negative space and gnarled branches carries this work”. 

Watercolours Prize: $1,000 Sponsored Lane Cove Art Society 

The winning artist is Pamela Fairburn for her work, Ebb Tide

Christine Webb said of this work, “Using all the passion and technique at her disposal, this work shows a bold and pleasing handling of colour,

 texture and composition creating a strong painting”.

Highly Commended Prize Watercolour: Sponsored by Eckersleys $200 voucher 

The winning artist is Pat Wilson for her work Peaceful Pittwater 

Christine Webb said, “All the skill of a competent water colourist are on show in this small work”. 

Mixed Media Prize: $1,000 Sponsored Lane Cove Art Society 

The winning artist is Deborah Achurch for her work, Golden Gully 

Christine Webb said,“This sensitive abstraction of a landscape of delicate textures and overlays of tone and colour. Beautifully restrained and fully realised”. 

Highly Commended Prize Mixed Media: Sponsored by Art Scene $250 voucher

The winning artist is Michael Ryan for his work The Canopy

Christine said, “The delicate lace of the canopy and force of the tree trunks is beautifully observed and executed”. 

Pastels & Drawings & Prints Prize: $1,000 Sponsored Lane Cove Art Society 

The winning artist is Kathy Smoker for her work, Constant Motion IV 

Christine Webb said of this work, “You can feel the intensity of the shoreline wash, sucking against the rocks meeting the oncoming wave with a whoosh. The artist has captured a moment in time of movement, light and colour with vigour and excellent observation. Delicacy and the power of the open sea beyond”. 

Highly Commended Prize Pastels, Drawings and Prints: Sponsored by ArtSmart $200 off framing voucher

The winning artist is Phoebe Stone for her work Cyclamen Study 

Christine Webb said, “Using negative and positive shapes this small work has both a vitality and serenity with vigorous patterning of the background and subdued tones”. 

The Art Scene Prize for Small Works Prize: Sponsored by Art Scene $250  voucher 

The winning artist is Panchali Sheth for her work The Feminine Unbound 

 Christine Webb said,“This small painting is a boundless, explosion of expressionistic passion. The female figure has taken a balletic leap from the downtrodden corpse. Embracing the stage of life this small work exceeds its dimensions. In this category there were many delightful works in all the media, fine, superbly delicate realist works, compelling and expressing abstracts. It was very hard to pick”.