May 2023

Guest artist for February – Ros Gervay

To Market or Not to Market Your Artwork?
By Margaret Vickers

Abstract botanical artist Ros Gervay was the guest artist for the February meeting (2023) of the Lane Cove Art Society. Ros graduated in Fine Arts in 2004 and subsequently did a Masters in Education. She has now returned to doing art, re-engaging with her creative self.

Ros has a love of nature especially the organic forms found in botanical specimens. They inspire her to create colourful marks freely. Often Ros begins painting “without a plan.” She is seeking to engage the viewer by making intriguing and curious shapes, patterns and textures.

For this demonstration, Ros used a preframed canvas. Before she commenced painting she removed the frame to keep it clean of paint. Acrylic inks were squirted over the canvas. A brush was used to bind these green and yellow inks to the canvas. Ros was mindful to advise the audience that too much water on the brush can damage the acrylics’ ability to bond to the canvas, which can result in chips and cracks occurring. Water is therefore used sparingly on the brush. Over the base of acrylic inks Ros then used a soft pastel pencil. Over the base layer a rough outline of the composition was sketched in. Ros then continued making marks using acrylic paint. When a composition is completed Ros takes a photo before she adds the final layer to her artwork – the varnish layer.

As a trained art educator Ros is also interested in mentoring people to assist them in discovering their creative self. This busy artist also does podcasts about art. She is also a firm believer in using social media such as Instagram for getting your artwork seen by the wider community. Part of her presentation covered the steps required to use Instagram. Ros’s presentation really identified the importance of not only being true to your own creative style but also knowing how to market your artwork to the general public. Thank you for your interesting presentation Ros.