Rachel Carroll

Techniques in Acrylics

26 November 2020

By Margaret Vickers

A workshop presented by the award winning artist/teacher Rachel Carroll demonstrated imaginative techniques in acrylics. Rachel, casually seated on the ground looked so relaxed doing her November presentation to the Lane Cove Art Society.

She commenced with a quick initial bold sketch of the old Coal Loader
wharf. Rachel used this sketch as inspiration and then worked on paper that already had a coloured base layer on it. She then proceeded to use pieces of card (or an old credit card would do too) to make free and interesting marks. These cards were dipped into acrylic A2 paint. Different colours were added. The card was used on its side or dragged over the surface. Gradually the old wharf began to appear.

Once the base layers were dry a yellow glaze was added to give the effect of the warm setting sun.

In another image of a palm tree, layer after layer was added. A rich tapestry emerged as segments of the base layer enriched the top layer of paint. Water was sprayed on if areas of the acrylic were to be reworked. Rags were then used to take out some of the paint. Painting was a dance of addition and subtraction.

As a finale to Rachel’s demonstration she did some monoprints. A piece of perspex was inked up and then brush marks were made into the ink. Paper was laid over this surface and more marks were made using the end of a brush and drawing with it into the back of the paper. As Rachel commented, “Monoprints provide a quick way of getting an interesting base layer into which you can then work.”

With the backdrop of a beautiful harbour sunset and a few festive additions, our final workshop/meeting for 2020 was an uplifting end to a rather dismal year. Thank you Rachel for letting us into your very creative world. Thank you to Lyn and the committee for organising such a pleasant workshop finale.