Revised Constitution

6th February 2023

Dear Members,

At our monthly members meeting on Tuesday 28th February prior to the artist talk there will be a vote conducted on several amendments to the current constitution for LCAS which has become quite outdated & difficult for the committee to work with. The proposed changes have been drafted by one of our committee members Margaret Weiss who is a lawyer and in consultation with the committee members. We encourage all members to attend.

Margaret has used the Fair Trading model & these are the changes proposed

In summary:

I redrafted the constitution, based on the latest Model from Fair Trading in Oct 2022. I adopted all the clauses from the Fair Trading model, except for the following changes:

  • inserting the objects of the Association in Clause 2 (copied from the LCAS current constitution),
  • changed the minimum number of committee members to 5 and the maximum to 11 (Clause 15),
  • The quorum for committee meetings is 3, meetings to be held at least 3 times a year – Clause 22;
  • The committee is authorised to spend up to $1000 without approval ( Funds – clause 39)
  • The financial year is 1 Jan to 31 Dec each year – clause 45. This is the same as previous years.
  • The name is still “Lane Cove Art Society”. The definitions clause 1 of the constitution states that it is referred to as “association”.
  • The current (old 1980s?) constitution Clause 14 refers to Lane Cove Public Library History Dept as holding the Society’s past documents, otherwise the secretary is to keep them. The 2022 version clause 43 states that all documents are to be kept in NSW. The draft constitution is now fairly general: at a place agreed by the majority of the committee.
I suggest that the P.O. Box address be in the newsletter, on Facebook and any other media. Under the legislation Fair Trading should be advised of the address. Additionally under the legislation the model constitution applies to an association to the extent that the association has not amended it.

Regards, Margaret (on behalf of the LCAS Committee)